Support DayZ Colony

With the ever increasing costs of server rental fee’s, donations are more than welcome. We have a circle of donators that help keep our services running and without their generosity, the DayZ Colony would not exist. Help us build better worlds by becoming a donor!

When you become a donor, you will become part of a group that has a voice in how we can improve the DayZ Colony experience. Donations of all shapes and sizes are welcome, but our current server fee’s do have a minimum value. If you’re looking for an immediate discount, consider sponsoring a friend or set up a colony and have your friends chip in to get an even bigger discount! It is not out of the ordinary to see donators fund an entire server. If you’re looking to set up a server in your country, our staff will administrate that server at no cost whatsoever.

Expedited Application

If our application process isn’t fast enough for you, we can offer you expedited processing for a one time fee of $5.00.

  • Once your payment has been completed please head to our #general room on Discord:
  • Send a DM (direct message) to Weyland with the following information:
  1. Unique Transaction ID # (Paypal)
  2. Facebook URL
  3. Steam64ID

DISCLAIMER: You still need to follow the whitelisting process which can be found here:

You can still be denied if your application/interview doesn’t meet our community standards. In the event that you are denied the expedited application fee is non-refundable.


Please note, this is not a pay-to-win model. So if you’re expecting a custom loadout or a donator loadout, its not going to happen. Micro-transactions of this nature destroyed the Mod and we do NOT want to recreate this mistake in SA. Thank you for considering DayZ Colony!

Expedited Application

$500One Time Fee

Premium Colonist

$1000Monthly Minimum


$2500Quarterly Minimum


$5000Quarterly Minimum

Player's Club

$10000 Thank You!

High Roller




World Builder

$35000Quarterly Statement