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When people ask me what kind of game is DayZ, I tell them that DayZ isn’t really a game — its a place that you go to. DayZ Colony is designed to be an authentic experience based on the native lore and environemt of Chernarus. There is a place for everyone and all play styles here at DayZ Colony. Role-Play, PvE, PvP, Hardcore Survival are our 4 main pillars we want you to have access to and experience. We ask that all players chose role to play within a lifestyle. All of our lifestyles are listed below.


The Colony is a walled off greenzone in the south side of Berezino. It’s up to you to rebuild this world so you must live by example. Verified colonists have acces to things other players do not have direct access to. 

  • Employment
  • Payroll
  • Secure Living Quarters
  • Private Storage
  • Bank Account
  • Private Discounted Trader

As a verified Colonist you are expected to…

  • Pull your weight
  • Perform your Job
  • Help other colonists
  • Trade with Outlanders, Free-People, and Raiders (when applicable)
  • Never Steal
  • Wear the required uniform
The Colony has an elected Council to govern the land. As a Colonist, you are required to follow these laws as best as you can. Council members are here to keep the peace and make life fair.

Who knows, if you lead by example maybe you will be elected as a Council member and have a hand in the future of The Colony!



Skalisty Island belongs to the Raider Lifestyle. Any Outlanders, Colonists, or Free-People found trespassing on the island can be killed with extreme prejudice.

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  • Access to Drug Trade
  • Harbour Access
  • Semi-Secure Living Quarters
  • Mission Event Access
  • Black Market Trader
  • Guild Related Gear
  • Pull your weight
  • Control Hot Zones
  • Take Hostages
  • Control Drug Trade
  • Join a Raider Guild
  • Wear Required Guild Gear

Raiders are expected to operate within a Guild. Each Guild has it’s own outfit that must be worn at all times. Failure to comply with the required gear will result in removal from Harbour Access and Black Market.


Outlanders are out there surviving on their own throughout Chernarus. Survival is much more difficult for them in the Outer Baronies but at the end of the day they live on their own terms.

Not a lot of perks to being an Outlander, but there are perks all the same…

  • Retail Trader
  • Base Location Freedom
  • Land Tax Based on Location

Outlanders can live however they wish and code of conduct doesn’t apply to them like other Lifestyles

Outlanders are limited to 3 faction members per base. For Factions with 3 members basing together, all taxes are increased by 30%. Sister Factions must reside 3000 meters apart from each other.


The Free-People are the lone wolves of Chernarus. and have access to a Trailer Park in the fishing village of Berezki. Within the trailer park is a private trader with different prices for certain items.

  • Access to 1 RV vehicle
  • Access to Advanced Farming
  • Discounted Hunter Almanac
  • Discounted Gas Prices
  • Lower Property Taxes*
  • Lower Asset Taxes*
  • Alternative Living Quarters
  • Raid Protection

Free-People cannot base with others, they must live in isolation. They are required to trade farmed or hunted goods upon request. Non-compliance will result in removal of tax breaks and other benefits.

Free-People are an independent Lifestyle. They are not generally allowed to base together with other players. Exceptions can be made with pproval from the Colony Council. Depending on the license issued will determine their reduction of benefits if applicable/approved.


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