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We’ve always tried to have as little rules as possible. This was a great mistake on our part and led to players using meta and finding exploits around what little rules we had to ruin the experience for others. Below are detailed rules to make sure everything is covered for all players joining our project. If you aren’t crystal clear on anything in this section, please stop by our Discord and have a discussion with an Admin or Ambassador.

For players to role-play effectively and continiously, we require everyone to follow our NO-KOS rules OUTSIDE OF HOT ZONES. Below are rules of engagement and do keep in mind that we don’t want this to be a complicated checklist. We want these elements to feel natural during playtime. We also have options for players to avoid combat all together.


  • If you’re being held up or being robbed, you have the right to defend yourself.
  • To not be killed or avoid combat during a robbery, you must put your hands up via F5. Your robber is now allowed to restrain you and take items from your person.
  • Your robber is not allowed to kill you by meta during times of restraint as in leaving you defenseless while actions that can get you killed are introduced being leading zombies, wolves, bears into your location.
  • If you run away from a robbery, you cannot be shot in the back. Robbers do have a chance to shoot your legs or knock you out. If they take this chance and kill you, this is against the rules —> more on this below.


  • If you are pitted and stopped by another vehicle or held up while stopped inside a vehicle, compliance will go a long way with your robber. If you are in a stopped position and drive away during a robbery; at this point of the interaction, your vehicle is now considered an active weapon. During this time your robber can kill you or disable your vehicle entirely.
  • The reason for this rule is we’re looking for interaction and not interested in players shooting up random cars while in motion.


  • You have the right to defend your life against verbal threat. If someone presents personal harm verbally, you have the right to use lethal force. 


  • If another player raises his/her gun and points it at you, you have the right to defend yourself.
  • If a player attempts to hit you with a melee weapon or their fist, you have the right to defend yourself.


  • If someone is actively trying to break into your base or stealing from you, you have full rights to take lethal action. Although, interaction would be nice, maybe someone is dying of hunger and needs some help. If you are unsure of their motives, always ask first!


  • At anytime a player can request a 1v1 duel. If both parties agree, they can resolve their PvP issue this way. Both parties must opt-in and accept the parameters of the duel. This includes but is not limited to winner takes all.


  • If a player puts their hands up (F5) during a confrontation, they are exempt from combat. This is not to be exploited. If you run out of ammo  during combat and just put your arms up (F5), you can be shot/killed. This is up to the discretion of your enemy(‘s). Maybe, maybe not will your enemy(‘s) show mercy.


  • If you want to enter passive mode, you must not have a weapon in your hands. Players in passive mode are not to be attacked or robbed. If a players is seen putting their weapon away after spotting another player, this is considered an exploit.
  • You can be taken hostage or robbed during sleep.


  • If someone violates any of these rules, as staff we need some sort of proof to execute administrative action. Logs don’t show us everything and film or screenshot footage is essential for us to come to a finding.
  • If you want to make life easier for everyone, set up Shadowplay or similar. If you get into an undesirable confrontation, hit the save button so you have film proof. Nobody is asking you to consciously & openly record footage, but applications like Shadowplay are only used after a situation so you’re hands-free and worry-free during play sessions.

All players are required to Role-Play.  Nobody wants to see a Mary Sue RP where you’re the queen of the kingdom so don’t go overboard.

Keep it light or make it complex; your choice, but at the end of the day you need  a name and a story. You have the freedom to change it upon death or keep it going, the decision is yours.

Below are some of the videos that helped shape my role-play. Give them a watch and see what idea’s you come up with!


Hoarding not only cuts your experience short, but it also wrecks the experience for other players. 

Additionally, the server groans on high load of assets and lag will effect you and others while driving. It should also be noted that if you’re trying to stay hidden – hoarding will give away your location as far as 1000 meters way. Players will hit a lag bubble and they’ll be tipped off your base is close by. Why make it easy for others to find your location?

As always, if you have any questions about what is considered hoarding or you find something that isn’t crystal clear here in our rules, please head over to our Discord and have a discussion with an Admin or one of our Ambassadors.

  • There is an active wheeled vehicle limit of 2 wheeled vehicles per person. We’re not interested in players using loads of vehicles to store items in their base. Vehicles are meant for driving, not storing our stuff. If you have other people in your base, they must register their vehicles with staff.
  • Helicopters are limited to 1 per base. If you have x people in your base, you share the helicopter.
  • Total slots of persistent storage is limited to 3,000 slots per player. You can assign these slots to any persistent storage container you like. If you are non-compliant and exceed this total number, the effected items will initially be fined with a grace period for redistribution. If these fines aren’t rectified within the grace period, they can be seized (deleted).
  • The Marshals Service can conduct randomized base audits at their convenience.
  • Players that exceed our regulations on base storage will have to pay additional fines and may result in seized storage.

All players are not allowed to KOS players outside of these HOT ZONES and by outside I mean outside the perimiter fence.

Just so there is no confusion, there will be an alert on your screen when entering these HOT ZONES.

When inside a HOT ZONE, ALL BETS ARE OFF. You can do whatever you want. You can KOS or not KOS, the decision is yours. We don’t want players to enter these areas and think they are required to KOS. If you want to interact and not SOS or KOS, it is your decision! The following area’s are considered HOT ZONES.

  • NWAF
  • VMC
  • TISY

Logging out during combat or logging out to avoid immediate combat is considered Combat Logging. We do have a logout timer in place, but we can’t make it too long.

Do not abuse this rule please. If you’re having an interaction and need to log out, just let the other party know so there isn’t any bad feelings.

Below are important bits and restrictions about what’s allowed and not allowed for Base Building…


Bases must be 1000 meters from military bases, checkpoints, spawns, etc. This is a very important rule so please do not waste your time building something that’s only going to get deleted.

Keep basebuilds off of main roads, bases on main roads creates lag and crash vehicles passing by. Also, do not build into a road.


Fines are only levied to those that exceed the Storage Laws and/or Engineering violations.


To mitigate hoarding, we’re monitoring slot limitations for persistent storage. Below are limitations per person on the indicated storage containers.

  • 3,000 slots per person
  • 2 vehicles per person

This 3,000 slot limitation is your persistent storage containers as well as what’s covered in your two vehicle limit. If you have 2,000 slots of persistent storage capacity in your base and 1,000 for each of the two vehicles you own, that equals 3,000 slots.

Gunwall Display, Gun Racks, etc are not included for this taxable inventory. If we see an obscene excess of weapons, there may be a fine, but for now those solutions are non-taxable.


Having BuildAnywhere mod is necessary for players to attach doors on houses through the MoreDoors mod.

With that said, players must engineer any basebuilding walls, doors, fences, etc for them to be realistic. For example, players are not allowed to build a wall halfway inside the outside of a house. Also, you cannot use a single panel door on a exterior built-in double door.

Clipping any base building asset is strictly forbidden.

The Marshals Service will do random audits on your residence and if your residence is found to be in violation, they will cite and/or fine you for lack of permit. You will have 1 week to fix your structure or Colonial Contractors will remove the asset violation in question.

Griefing is considered toxic behavior and will not be tolerated here at DayZ Colony.

Some people have different definitions on Griefing so I’ll lay this out as comprehensively as possible.

The following examples are considered griefing…

  • Excessive in-game trolling
  • Driving over non-combatants
  • Spawn camping freshies
  • Despawning camps/bases
  • Crying Wolf for Distress Calls
  • Vandalism of vehicles
  • Being a nuisance

Moving items outside of their spawn area so new items will spawn is considered Loot Cycling.

Loot Cycling not only kills the experience for you here at DayZ Colony, but it also breaks the server performance. Servers have a cap on items and breaking that cap kills FPS and other functionalities.

Loot Cycling is obviously not the design of any game and most definitely not in DayZ.

If you get caught, instaban, no questions asked.

There is no excuse for taking advantage of this game-breaking mechanic. Games are not intended to be played this way and loot cycling is obviously a game-breaking glitch.

If you think you can get away with it, you’re wrong. You will get caught.

Meta-Gaming really ruins the experience for everyone in our gaming environment.

Meta-Gaming is using information outside of what is available in a game to give a player an advantage in-game.

Examples of Meta-Gaming…

  • Going into a Discord channel to ask if someone is in your area or shooting at you.
  • Asking players about how to best get around dangerous parts or features of the in-game experience.
  • Asking someone in a Discord channel if they killed/robbed you.

Cheating is not allowed in our gaming environment. I don’t think we need to list possible method of cheating for you to understand what we’re talking about. I will leave a few bullet points to narrow it down for you.

  • Glitching
  • Duping
  • Hacking
  • Exploiting Game Mechanics

We want to create an environment for everyone to leave their troubles behind and enjoy themselves in the worlds we create.

The rule here is simple – treat everyone the same whoever they are.

Misogyny, talking down to, sexualizing, slurs, and similar type commentary directed towards women will not be tolerated.

Thank you for continuing to read our rules.

Killing yourself to get a better spawn is considered Spawn Cycling

If you die, respawn and take the spawn because you’re never getting to your gear.

Our dead body cleanup timer is so low, it’s a 95% chance you’re not getting to your gear.

Also, the time you spend killing yourself to get the better spawn ends up taking longer than if you just got on the move directly after spawning.

Lastly, killing yourself isn’t something you would do in life, so why do it in a role-play environment?


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exclusive vip lounge