Persistent Storage

If your wondering why persistant storage hasn’t been working in you’re favor, there are a few things worth mentioning. To start, when persistant storage was pushed to experimental it was solely for stress testing. Once persistent storage hit the stable branch, many of you may have noticed that persistent storage wasn’t exactly global. The reason for persistent storage only being active on official DayZ Dev hosted servers and not on every server under the Chernarus sun was for additional stress testing. Bohemia wants to protect your stored items properly, especially in the event of server failure.

Global Item Cleanup


Before the August milestone goal of pushing 0.49 to stable by the end of the month, we have some unsettling news. Especially for our Trader Colonies.

Alas, the Stable Hive will experience global item cleanup. Translation, your entire existence is officially getting wiped. There has been only one official wipe from our lovely DayZ developers and that was a very long time ago. Some of of you; including myself, have been getting wiped quite regularly since this last patch. Well, it isn’t over yet. Officially, you got another one coming.

The reason for this is persistent storage and private shards are being offered globally across the stable branch. Abuse of item duplication has been an ongoing issue for the player base as well as the development team. This is currently being addressed and once the development fixes are in place, clean slates are in order.

Some removals worth mentioning are:

  • Bugged ammo quantity magazines
  • Corrupt characters
  • Duplicated items and ammunition


So now that the bad news is out of the way, let us take a look at some new features coming to DayZ.

Mirek has recently commented on implementing different door types. Wait a second, your wiping us and giving us doors?


Once barricading comes into play, locking doors will become a reality as well as other door related features. Not so bad now is it?

An entire new set of signs for factories, storefronts, and cities are being designed to add some additional ambiance to the locale.

Fall Fashions

MASKA Helmet

MASKA Helmet

Fall is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate the season than with a fashion statement from the eastern-block.

There is  the inviting MASKA helmet as well as a Balaclava for those of you looking to expand your headgear.

We also have some new civilian clothing for you daring medics out there. A green variant of the medic uniform call the ‘Luigi’ will be hitting your local outlets soon! Additionally, a firefighters uniform will be on the racks as well as some fingerless gloves for you hardcore biker wannabe’s.

Advanced weather impact will become a reality in the very near future. Make sure you have a raincoat in your inventory as well as a pair of waterproof shoes. For those of you that frequently scoff at me for wearing Wellies: Nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo!


For you melee lovers out there, don’t be surprised if ya’ll see a craftable baseball bat with nails sticking out of it hitting the streets sometime soon. These arrived late in the Mod and were a fan favorite if I’m not mistaken.

Telescopic Baton

Telescopic Baton???

We do have confirmation on cattle prods as well as a telescopic baton, whatever that is.

Medically, there is a new mechanic for cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR] to revive those who are unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of a cattle prod. Apparently, if you get prodded you will go unconscious.


The team continues to be focused on vehicle design.

  • How they will work
  • What parts they will consist of
  • Which models are being brought in

Not much to speak of, but at least the developers are mentioning  the goals. My personal guess is sometime after 0.50 we should see vehicles on the streets of Chernarus.

Below is an itemized list of exactly what is on the developers desk.

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully we’ll see ya’ll next week!


Cleanup system
Camera collision
Object persistence
Network optimization
Melee system redesign
Low pass audio filter support
Animation system support
Centralized loot economy
Centralized economy statistic tracking
Object persistence bugfixing
Network optimization
Melee system redesign and implementation
Inventory bugfixing
Audio system bugfixing


Harvesting animations
Bow movement animations
Fire starting animations
Fishing animations
Two handed throwing animations
Completion of searching for berries
Completion of fishing animations
New restrained pose for crouched
Restrained crouch walk animations
Two handed throwing animations
Standing/Aim/Run Bow animations


Support for simple object placement
Horticulture design prototyping
Character collision shape adjustments
Impact of advanced weather on player
Bow dispersion adjustment
Craftable weapon design prototypes
Initial implementation of horticulture prototype
Adv. weather player impact design
Cattleprod & Telescoping baton configuration
Vehicle component design
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation design
General bugfixing


Additional animal models
Civilian airfield structures
Non lethal weapon models
Rossi R92
Craftable arrow models
Craftable weapon design prototypes
Balaclava models
Tree/Vegetation models
Horticulture containers
MP133 model
Improvised camouflage experimentation
Vehicle model design & discussion